Rich Emy in Canada Will Pay $5,000/Month to her Immigrant Boy


This is Emy, she is 35 years old, she is from Canada. If you ever had a dream to live and Work in Canada, you are just a step away from actualizing that dream!

About This Beautiful Rich Lady from Prince Edward Island, Canada

  • Name: Emy
  • Age: 35 yrs old
  • Location: Prince Edward Island
  • Nationality: Canada
  • Status: Single

This Canadian Beautiful Canadian Momma is willing to pay $5,000 monthly to her baby boy. She is divorced and doesn’t intend to get married anymore. She just wants to enjoy her life with a caring and loving young man. He can be from any part of the world.

She is kind, she also has a very large heart. Apart from paying you monthly, she will give you a job in Canada (if you wish to work. That’s more money you know 😉). She has dropped her Whatsapp number with the website and asked us to make a very good choice for her. So it all boils down to who wants it more.

Emy is Looking for…

  • I’m looking for a gentleman that knows how to treat a lady.
  • I love to travel so it’ll be nice to have a partner to enjoy all that life has to offer.
  • Send me a message if you are interested and you’ll get to know me better.

Contact Her and go Live and Even Get a Job in Canada with Her

Do you like Emy? Drop your email address and WhatsApp number. We will contact you if you are chosen!


  1. Yes I am interested.
    My name is Molla Asemamaw
    I am 30 years old
    I am Ethiopian
    I am single
    My religion Orthodox Tewahdo

  2. Yes…sweetie all you need
    Is strong enough… Good loving and caring man like me.. Marcus kinapoe
    My email is marcuskinapoe
    My # +231777782360

  3. Hello I’m Rafa Mohamed Amin I’m from Algeria Yes I saw your picture The truth You are so beautiful I want you and I dream of a girl like you I share my life I hope you will be me and I will make you the happiest woman in the world I swear to you I am serious with you I am waiting for your reply Thank you. Whatsap number 213656385321 And

  4. Ke soui hamma sidi med dorigin moritanie reside a noikchott demand le residancc ou canada nimero watsapp +22248353599 pre pour le maryagge es le residancc ou le travaill chofer calivie

  5. La verdad me encantaría conocer un dama así de hermosa sería capaz de complecerme en lo que sea. Mi WhatsApp +5355090894. Por si quieres comunicar

  6. yes i want to live with her my i do not have the average to go to Canada i want her to help me so that i can be with her, she really more i’m willing to do anything for her for give it back

  7. The bible says; every living Soul is called a man, every man with a womb is called a woman, every woman is a wife, and every wife can be found. So, Bachalor open you eye look well well and apply the principle of saint Matthew 7:7 and free yourself from need of comfort/help mate.

    I didn’t say anything oh!

  8. Hello my name is TOURE KPANTA PIERRE Ivorian origin and I currently live in Tunisia for 5 months. I am 31 years old and I practice cutting work on marble pieces in a Tunisian marble company (MOUSSA marble company). big and big dream of childhood. to realize this dream will be for me the greatest happiness of my life. I am single and I have a child of 8 years old. I would like to be contacted with Emy if possible I have a very high level in French and speaking English I have an average level. My number ±21658938670. Merci

  9. I want to go and work in your country, please contact me
    Name: Haymanot Gorfu
    Sex: Male
    Age: 24
    Qualified in: Bsc in Applied Chemistry
    When I get; Work in any job
    Phome number: +251925500233

  10. Yea I’m interested consider me and I will always be by your side… Never let you go! I will give you all the love in the world.. Treat you with love, caring, honesty, kindness and with respect! I will be your soulmate

  11. very eager to work with u ,i and u have same hobby, am geography graduate so i enjoy tourism ,would u please allow me .am from poor ERITREA 002917384888 thank u

  12. Yes I Love emy too. I will love her the way she want.
    I really need a love one. I’m single
    Here is my contact number

  13. Yes I Love emy too. I will love her the way she want. I will treat her will 100% respect.
    I really need a love one. I’m single
    Here is my contact number.

  14. Yes I will like to stay with her and also I like to work in Canada, but I will like to know her better she also need to know me better by comnicating through WhatsApp messenger ect,Rich Emy,if you choose me just call on +23299144396 you aer welcome

  15. sweet emy

    seriously i loving yuh and ready anytime to come and live with yuh in canada and enjoy the rest of tour the together as yuh might be interested in behavior ….., i will not explain that too mUch now ,because it sth seceret and means for yuh only.

    i also like yuh to be my wife
    moreover iam here not for funs but for the truth love and caring partner

    my whatapp +211 928314843
    thanks yuh hoping to news from yuh soon
    Hurry dont waste your time

  16. I’m interested to work ,live, stay with you.I want to do any jobs with you and i like you please select me and contact by my phone number 0963326780 Ethiopia

  17. I’m interested to work ,live, stay with you.I want to do any jobs with you and i like you please select me and contact by my phone number +2510963326780 Ethiopia

  18. Am more interested
    Contact: +211910046459
    Provide me with your contact please if possible
    And thank
    Nhial Chany Koang

  19. مرحبا بك زوجتي المستقبليه
    أنا شاب من الجزائر اتمنى الهجرة و العمل والزواج بفتاة كندية هدا رقم الهاتف. 00213540245082
    وشكرا مقدما

  20. Hi Emy how are you, am interested and this is my contact +23288637959 so I will be waiting for your reply plus, thank you.


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